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Course Module 1 Page 1 Example
How To Explain Blockchain to Anyone - 
Even Your Mom

Instructor: Sean Anderson



This is an example of the first page of module 01

Your Mom Only Knows

What Your Mom Knows


There can be a good deal of frustration when it comes to explaining technical concepts to non-technical people.

Often people on both sides of the conversation can get very frustrated.


This part of the course is designed to help you develop a basic idea about the best way to explain the value and function of a blockchain to a very non-technical person... like maybe your mom.

Screen Shot 2022-09-03 at 7.39.31 PM.png


Decentralized Ledger Technology?


Sometimes terms can be confusing. Keeping your explanation relatable and simple is always the best route to go. You've heard the phrase "less is more", that is true here as well. Keep the descriptions simple and connected to things the person you are explaining to already understands.


When Sean said "Like links in a chain..." he technically wasn't accurate in how the term "blockchain" is used but it painted a picture for his "mom" that she could understand.


She also understands Facebook, computers, mechanics, and advertising... all descriptors used in the explanation.

COURSE DESIGN NOTE: Videos in online courses need to be both engaging and short (2m40s is optimal but keeping it under 4m is great). Online courses need to tap into both the limbic system and prefrontal cortex in order to keep people focused on the content.


These videos are hosted on YouTube which is fine for an example course like this However, it's better to host the videos on Vimeo or have them uploaded directly into the course. That way the person viewing the course won't be tempted to click out of the course using the YouTube links.

Think strategically when you make videos.

Now back to the course!

Click the PLAY button on the next video to hear the rest of the explanation.

Often times people overthink their explanation...

they just aren't vulgar enough.


Did you know that 500 years ago the word “vulgar” meant common and usually referred to language? The language of the common people. So, you will want to get vulgar. Don’t use any of those technofantastical buzzwords. Your friends and family don’t give a rat’s ass how big you think your effing brain is. In order for the language barrier to be broken down you have to be willing to find common ground. Your willingness to break it down for people WITHOUT being a smug douche will go a long way. (Was that vulgar enough?)

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