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Koa's Full Catalogue

All the Keychains in this store were handmade (assembled and designed) in Cascadia (aka the American Pacific Northwest) by 7th grade artist Koa.

Click on an item or "Collection" below to see your options. To return to the full catalog click the grey link in the description that reads "Back to catalog"


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See the FULL Sea Crew Collection HERE

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Sea Crew Collection

So many cool keychains to choose from!


1. Click the picture at the left to see what is available.

2. On the right, put a checkmark beside the ones you want

3. Make sure the quantity box matches the number you've checked.


Thomas Curry - 1 left!

Whaylon Finnings - 1 left!

Jan Squiggles - 1 left!

Walvissen Zonder Binair - 1 left!

Twoof Biscuit Whiskers - 1 left!

Jake S Sharplejack - 1 left!

Broni Vilhav - We found 1 more!

Fergy Slapperding - 1 left!

BlueBen Bedobbles - 1 left!

Nefgadder Watersson 1 left!

Siegfried Brunderhoff 1 left

Jananna Fiberdeebeep

D'Oro Donatello 1 Left

Magic is real... It's the science we haven’t figured out yet.

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Koa is a 6th grader with a passion for magic, dragons, dinosaurs, spaceships, aliens, art, and pepperoni pizza. Any day he gets to combine those passions into one event is a good day.

The purpose for this site is for Koa to raise money for college - cause you know it's going to be expensive as ---- by the time he's old enough to go. OK, not really. This store serves two purposes...

1. For Koa to make some Christmas money

2. For Koa to learn a bit about how to run a business


Have questions or custom keychain requests?

Reach out to Koa's dad at

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