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 L  O O K O U T F O X

LOOKoutFOX is a collective of highly talented Strategists, Artists, Videographers, Producers, Designers, Magicals, Coffee Drinkers and Poets who occasionally allow me to join them and sometimes even lead them on creative adventures that make our clients very happy.



As a child, I always imagined I would grow up to become an artist, photographer, cat burglar, Private Investigator AND space explorer. 

For the most part, that has become a reality.  (Well not the cat

burglar, P.I. and space explorer part and while we are being

honest, I am NOT a pugilist.)




Along the way, I have worked in a number of fields. Two main facets of who I am as a person, always emerge in each of those ventures - the Artist and the Cultivator of people. Over the past 28 years I've helped organizations and individuals discover who they are and develop the ability to share that with the world. It can be challenging for folks to communicate clearly, concisely and memorably their "who" and "why."

Even when it seems obvious, it isn't always easy to communicate in a way that can effectively compete with the myriad of distractions that litter the social spheres of today. Which is why I love what I do. Helping a company or individual find their voice.


When their voice is heard by others it sends me over the moon.  

So maybe I am a Space Explorer after all. 



I currently make my home on the eastern side of the beautiful Cascade Mountains in Bend, Oregon.  I live with my wonderful wife Collette, and our three fun & adventurous kids.


It is here that I get to pursue my passions for espresso, snowboarding, painting, river surfing and the Art of the Spoken Word.


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